Fuji 400H - May 2016

I'm diving into film and I am so excited! 

Earlier today I started questioning why I was starting to get into film with the extra costs of buying and developing film - and then I got my first scans back.  I'm hooked people!

These were shot on a Canon EOS3 with Sigma Art 24mm and 35mm lenses.  The film is Fuji 400h, rated at 200 and pushed one stop in development.  Developed by FIND lab. 


If you give a boy a cookie.... writing his first short story

My husband and daughter went to do some grocery shopping and Joey stayed home with me.  He asked his dad to get him a cookie from the store and couldn't stop thinking about it and was getting very impatient.  So he decided to write a book while he waited to pass the time.  He was so serious and so cute and the sun was setting so bright that I had to take some photos of him writing his first short story, titled "If you give a boy a cookie".  He dictated the story to me and then went back and added the pictures.  He was so proud of himself and I of him.  <3

Finally Home! | Rocky River, OH Newborn Family Session

After making his arrival and spending his first few months in the NICU, baby Henry was able to come home!!  This session was done in two parts - I met them in the driveway as they pulled in from the hospital to capture his first couple minutes at home where he met his big furry sister and busted out a huge smile in his bassinet!!  Part two was about a week later and I could already tell how much he had grown and see how they have all settled into each other perfectly.  This little guy was so cute with his little tiny squeaks and easy going personality.  Take a look!