10 on 10 - May 2014

I am really excited about starting a 10 on 10 blog circle again.  I felt like I grew so much as a photographer when i participated in one last year.  Even though this is a new blog circle - the girls are not new to me.  We all took the first run of Deanna McCasland's Everyday Storytelling workshop together last January and when it ended we formed a fb group to stay connected.  We didn't start the group with a project in mind, just a place for support and to bounce ideas off eachother.  We have all gotten pretty close and it's so great to have a place to go to chat to others on the same journey as myself.  I am really looking forward to everyone's posts and watching as we continue to grow in our storytelling photography. My goal with this project is to tell the story of an entire day in ten photos.  And I had every intention of doing that, but KK has been teething like no other this week.  It's very stressful at times and something I am not used to since her brother pretty much breezed through the teething phase.   So here is one hour.  haha.  A far cry from my goal but still, I am very happy with these photos.  It's great to have a project like this to keep me motivated to shoot the people who inspire me to pick up my camera in the first place, especially as "busy season" approaches.

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