at home with the saha family

I first met this family a little over 2 years ago for their newborn session.   We met again for the girls 6 month session and yet again for their first birthday (which I guess I forgot to blog :(....)  When they told me they were moving 2 hours away, I felt a little sad.  But they quickly said they would love to have me photograph their family if I was willing to make the trip.  And I definitely was!  Every session with these guys has been great.  I can't believe I've been photographing these girls since they were newborns - it's a really special thing to me and an honor.  

I've been starting to experiment with video, and will be doing so at my sessions for the rest of the year.  My plan is to offer video fusion sessions for next year in addition to photo only sessions.  There is something about video, seeing the movements, hearing the voices, that is really special.  

And of course the photos.