At Home with the Taylor's | Lakewood, Ohio Newborn and Family Photographer

There's nothing quite like word of mouth to find awesome clients.  So when dad contacted me after seeing and liking photos I did for a mutual friend of ours I was really excited.  Then when I arrived at their home we realized that we all played indoor soccer together several years ago (before we all had babies) - too funny!

I love documenting families and this family was no exception.  After doing these in-home sessions for a few years I've come to realize that while every family is different and unique, at the heart of it all we are all the same.  Photographing these guys was sort of like a little trip down memory lane for me - what my own home life was like just over 2 years ago.  All the similarities in balancing a newborn with a toddler.  It was a lot of fun for me.  Thank you so much Taylor family! Congrats on the new addition!!

For those interested, I shot this entire session with my 24mm lens and edited with Kate Densmore's Salt and Pine presets.