Baby Corinne | Newborn Hospital Photography, Cleveland, Ohio

This precious baby made me an aunt for the first time!  I am so excited to watch her grow up and for our kids to grow up together; for all the birthday parties and holidays and sleepovers in our future.   I've known my sister-in-law for as long as I've been with my husband - which is about 15 years now!  She has always been there for us and is such an amazing aunt to my kids, I am really excited to do the same for her little girl now. 

There is something so special about newborn hospital photos, I cherish the ones I was able to take of my own daughter, so I was really excited to take these; to capture the very first few days of new life, of being a new mom and dad, of figuring each other out.  I loved watching my sister in law as a mom for the first time, learning her baby's cues and how to calm her, what she likes (The Beatles) and what she doesn't.  It's such a wonderful (and sometimes difficult) ride, and these photos document the beginning of that amazing journey.