Baby Valencia | Lakewood, Ohio | Newborn Lifestyle Photography

I have such a love for photographing newborns and expanding families.  I LOVE letting babies and their families just BE, capturing the realness of who they are as a family and documenting this tiny little thing that has changed everything.  It's an awesome thing to be able to witness someone during their first few moments as a parent and my goal is to capture the love and the emotions that they never knew they were capable of before.  To see the way they look at their baby, to see how that baby has completely taken over their heart.  To give them these images for when their baby is no longer a baby as a way to remember what it felt like to be right now. Thank you D Family for allowing me to capture this special time in your lives!   091414_0002091414_0007091414_0003091414_0009091414_0013091414_0015091414_0023091414_0039091414_0061091414_0063091414_0065091414_0112091414_0115091414_0122091414_0133091414_0136091414_0148091414_0150091414_0157091414_0159091414_0165