Baldi Family

This is my second photographing this family and this time was just as fun as the first.  They totally trusted to do my thing and even let me try some new ideas on them and I think it totally worked out.  

I shot the entire session on film - which is a tad more stressful than digital when you can't rely on your lcd to make sure you got exposure right or got the right moment.  It requires you to really pay attention to your entire frame because you can't click the shutter 10 times and then pick the best one.  You need to wait for the moment and anticipate and also, sometimes, be ok with missing it.  Another one will happen.  Film is a challenge - but its also incredibly fun.  I have decided that I will only be shooting sessions on film from here on out.  SUPER excited about it!  

All the photos in this post were shot with Portra400 on my Pentax645n and developed and scanned by Millers Photo lab.  I still need to take the 35mm to be developed but I wanted to share these right away!  More to come!