Dec 10 on 10

I wanted this final 10 on 10 post for the year to be epic.  Something to show how much this project has meant to me.   But my epic photos never happened - and this post is just one hour from one normal day in our lives.  But as I sit here putting this post together I realize it IS in fact epic. I have grown SO much in this past year and I truly believe that this project and the girls in it with me have played a huge part in that growth.  They, whether they realize it or not, have taught me to soak it all in, to photograph with my heart, to enjoy these moments, to notice the details and the quirks that make my heart full - to create these memories for myself and for my family.  And to me, there is nothing more epic than that.

I have become great friends with these girls even though we live miles (even oceans) apart.  Please follow along the blog circle to see everyone's posts - I promise you won't be disappointed.

Please continue around the circle and look at Jenna's beautiful photos from Life Aglow