Everyday Beauty Workshop Review

I recently finished the Everyday Beauty workshop on The Bloom Forum taught by one of my favorite photographers - Ginger Unzueta.  I am SO glad that I signed for this class.  I am no stranger to taking photos of my child - I have tons.  But this class has helped me to start approaching photography with my heart and think about what is important to me and what details I want to remember forever.   She leads with lots of examples and more than just showing the photo she explains the why - why did she want to remember a certain moment, why did she choose her camera settings, etc.  It was really insightful and inspiring.  We had lessons on finding the light in your own home, composition, perspective, details, story telling, and more.  Ginger is encouraging in her critiques while still making suggestions on things to try or think about for next time.   Thank you so much Ginger for a wonderful class and a great experience.  I feel recharged about WHY I love photography so much - to remember how life feels at this moment. Here are some of the photos I took during the workshop and I highly recommend taking the class if you get the chance!

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