Family Vacation | Isle of Palms, SC | April Blog Circle

In March we took our first family vacation (as a family of 4) and drove down to SC.  It was a much needed sunshine break and escape from the cold and snow of Ohio.  The kids were amazing in the car (thank you dvd player and new dvds from the library) and we had such a great time.  Ditching the winter gear and feeling the sun on our faces and the sand in our toes was exactly what we needed.  We flew a kite every day including at sunrise one day, we collected sea shells, we fell asleep listening to the ocean waves, we had a LOT of laughs and made great memories.  I can't wait to go back.  We explored Charleston too but I just really loved the beach so I'll share some of my favorite beach photos.  After you check out these photos please check out Bee Chalmer's post - I just love her work. 




This photo below cracks me up.  During vacation Tom and I raved about the king size bed and how roomy it was.  We even thought about buying one when we got back home.  We felt like we had so much room.  Then I came across this photo while editing (taken at night so very high ISO) and I can't stop laughing.  King size bed or not, the smallest person always takes up the most space and Tom and I end up with little slivers on opposite ends of the bed.