First Haircut

I can't believe we did it - but we took my son to get his first "real" haircut.  I have done trims here and there, and even cut his bangs once (which was a disaster!), but never has he had a real haircut by someone who knew what they were doing.  I really REALLY loved his long hair  - it was laid-back and cute and matched his personality.  But after taking him to swim lessons when my mom couldn't (it's their thing they do together), I finally saw the long rat tail that she kept telling me was so embarrassing.  So, reluctantly, we decided that at 2 years old it was about time for a real haircut.  

Waiting for his appointment with Daddy.  He wanted nothing to do with any of the Dr. Seuss books in that basket and opted to read a newspaper instead....

022313_1152 copy 022313_1149 copy


The cutting begins.... 022313_1167 copy


This is my favorite pic of him in the chair.

022313_1168-2 copy


Goodbye rattail - Nanie will be SO happy :)022313_1165 copy

I hear ya buddy, I kind of liked it too. 022313_1172 copy


All done and checking out his new 'do in the mirror. 022313_1191 copy


And the best part was the sucker after.

022313_1197 copy


Sure he looks cute - of course he does! - but I really REALLY really miss his long hair.  Even though we said just a trim, there will be no more awesome hair days.  When he wakes up in the morning his hair looks the same as when he went to bed the night before.   I miss that bed head and photographing it was oh so fun!  Can't wait till this cut grows out!!

(this photo was taken just a few days before the cut)

021313_1021 copy