Happy Mishaps on Film

My adventure into shooting film has just started, and I am loving every single minute of it.  The deliberateness, the thoughtfulness, the patience, the forgetting everything you shot and the feeling of getting your scans - like christmas morning!  

I'm currently waiting for 5 rolls of film to be developed and scanned from the pro lab.  But in the meantime, I picked up a little film point and shoot Yashica T4.  Not sure if it even worked I loaded it with some cheap film and had the local camera store develop it for $7.  They are not a pro lab but had a quick turn around time and I wanted to know if the camera even worked. 

Well the camera works! And it was FUN!  BUT, something is amiss with these photos - either the camera is bad, or the film was underdeveloped, or the film was expired and I didn't realize (I had a roll in my fridge from when I tried out my aunts old nikon 2 years ago)

So here are the results.  These are not award winning, and I'm ok with that.  I've been loving just letting go and not trying so hard to create masterpieces - just photographing for the fun of it.  It feels amazing.  And I do love these.  They have a sort of timeless feel to them.  Especially with the date stamp on them (didn't even realize the camera was set to that!)  Sharing on my blog because photography is fun and experimenting is fun!  I'm going to try another roll and send to a different lab to see how it does.