At Home with the Huber Family | Westlake, Ohio Newborn Photography

I was so excited when I got an email from this family for several reasons. First, it was for a newborn session - my absolute favorite!  Second, I used to work at the same company as mom and I immediately recognized her name.  And third, she was recommended to me by some of my friends which always means so much to me. 

Newborn sessions are my favorite. I love capturing the early days of a family - from babies wrinkly knees to how small they fit in moms arms and, in this case, dad's hand!  From little fingers wrapped around pinkies to the pets who won't leave your side.  I love being able to freeze in time a mom's loving gaze and a dad's proud smile.  These at-home sessions are where its at for me.  And I know that in thirty plus years it's these lifestyle photos that will make hearts sing and memories come flooding back.

Thank you so much Huber family!  I really enjoyed working with you!