Kaleidoscope Project - February Edition

Last year I was beyond lucky to participate in a monthly 10 on 10 blog circle with some super talented photographers - i'm not even kidding - even after getting to know them so well this past year I am still star struck by them.  So it was never a question of whether or not I wanted to stick with the group in 2014.  We had all grown pretty close during the year and none of us wanted the fun to end.  So here we are, 2014, and instead of doing another 10 on 10, we have created

The Kaleidoscope Project:

Kaleidoscope  is derived from the Ancient Greek (kalos), “beautiful, beauty” (eidos), “that which is seen: form, shape” and (skopeo), “to look to, to examine.”  Hence “observation of beautiful forms.
We are a group of friends, moms, visual artists and photographers from around the world who are passionate about capturing images of the real, the messy and the magical-the wonder of the everyday.  Like a kaleidoscope, our photographs are playful and experimental, ever-changing and infused with light and colour.  Once a month, we assemble a single mosaic comprised of our collective pictorial tiles, one submitted by each of us, that reflect the shared meaning and beauty in our lives.

The super talented Bee Chalmers put together a website for us --- http://kaleidoscope-project.com     Please check it out.

This series of photos was taken within 20 minutes the other morning.  I still have the goal to document a full day sun up to sun down but for now (especially during this never-ending winter) my inspiration comes in spurts.   I love these photos and they make me smile.  I love that Katie is now old enough for them to interact a little bit, but still young enough to not care that she is confined in a little shopping cart forced to go along with whatever big brother decides.  It cracked me up when he wheeled her to his drums and started playing/singing for her.