KK is ONE!

On Monday we celebrated KK's first birthday!  It's hard to believe it's already been a year.  I remember right before she was born I was terrified about having a second child.  I was so close to Joey and life was so good I was afraid of messing all that up.  But it's absolutely true when they say that somehow your heart has room to love another person just as much as you love your first.  It seemed impossible to me but it happened.  From the day we brought her home it just seemed like she has always been here.  She has been a needier/clingier/more demanding baby than her older brother.   Most days you will see me carrying her on my back in the ergo.  But at the same time, she gives way more cuddles than her brother ever did.  Her little personality is definitely coming through and I really can't imagine our days without her. We had a small celebration with just the four of us in our background.  (A party with the grandparents, aunts and cousins is this coming weekend).  We kept it simple and it was perfect.  We didn't go overboard with presents and I made cupcakes at 4pm.  During her nap that day Joey and I wrapped her presents.  He loved decorating and later opening them for her and she loved eating her carrot-cake cupcake and clapping for herself.   All in all, a fun time.