May 2013 Favorites

I decided to start a personal monthly favorite post for myself.  I never know what to share with others and what to keep to myself, but in the end i decided that a monthly favorite post would be a great way for me to go back and see little glimpses of our lives at that point in time.   Some of these photos have already been shared on my Facebook page and some have not.  I love the memories that these photos bring to me. 051913_Thomas_0118 copy 051413_Trader Joes_0025 copy

051413_Trader Joes_0035 copy 052013_FireStation_0082 copy051513_135mm_0032 copy 051513_135mm_0060-Recovered copy 052413_Making Pancakes_0096 copy 051513_playground_0004 copy   051513_playground_0066 copy  052213_aroundhome_0004 copy  052213_aroundhome_0131 copy 052213_aroundhome_0140 copy  052313_BBF Day One_0008 copy 052313_BBF Day One_0015 copy  052513_0157 copy 050313_0643 copyTom's Bday_0047-Recovered copy  May292013_0024 copy    2013-05-22_0001 hose edited5P4A0049_0137 copy dirty hand  5P4A0104_0161 copy 3 5P4A0017_0118 copy 052013_FireStation_0040 copy 052013_FireStation_0017 copy 052013_FireStation_0014 copy 052013_FireStation_0100-2 copy050813_0216 copy 050813_0256 copy 050813_0295 copydangling feet 050813_0060 copy 050813_0129 copy 050713_0313 copyfig