monthly glimpes - september 2015

We started September with a little trip to Chicago where I photographed an awesome family and they let us stay in their amazing airbnb.  We had beach days, school days, soccer days, a birthday (which I didn't photograph and instead did very bad video), sunflower fields and apple picking.  We finally bought a vintage record player (which has been on our list for years) and it has been a blast.  My husband has an entire wall of vinyl in our basement but he's been having fun going to the record stores to build the kids their own collection.  The current favorites are Touch of Grey, Monster Mash, Thriller, Monkees Theme song, and Bert and Ernie.  

This whole year I felt like I have been in a funk.  With more bad days than good days.  But doing this monthly review post I've come to learn that its OK to have days/weeks where you are not making stunning images.  It's all part of the process.  And the point is to just keep on picking up that camera and taking pictures.  Experiment with light, shadows, angles, reflections, etc. Because you never know when your next awesome image will come. 

Please continue around the blog circle to see what Breanna Peterson's September looked like :)