Not So Ordinary - Cleveland, Ohio Lifestyle Photography

This week I started the Everyday Beauty workshop taught by Ginger Unzeuta.  In just a few short days I feel inspired and ready to start capturing the typical, ordinary moments of our lives in a beautiful way.  These are the memories that I want to remember and that I want to Joey to have one day.  There are times when I see a cool wall or some golden hour sunlight in just the right spot and I try to get him to stand there and smile for me.  99% of the time that never works out.  My child does not pose.  And when it does work out that he sits/stands still - I usually end up not liking the photo.  Standing in front of a wall is not what I want to document about our lives.   It's what goes on everyday - usually inside the walls of our home - that I want to remember, and that is what Ginger's class is all about. Something that i have been worried about from time to time is that perhaps I have a camera out too much - am I not experiencing these moments myself?  But something Ginger said in one of the lessons is oh so true and I have to quote her here because I can't say it any better -  "I feel like the more you are aware capturing these moments, the more you LIVE in them, the more you really treasure them. The ordinary doesn't seem that way anymore at all."   I think this is so true.  Had I not had my camera for these photos, would I really notice the way his toes were crossed in that last photo?  Or his little tongue sticking out as he was concentrating on the task at hand?  Probably not.  I would have been paying more attention to adding the next ingredient instead of taking the time to remember the moment by snapping some photos.

So glad to have these photos - now I will always remember that his favorite kitchen utensil is salad tongs, that sometimes his tongue sticks out when he's really concentrating, and that when he tasted the spoonful of sugar he said yucky and wiped his tongue off.

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