one august day

August 11

My daughter woke up and decided to start using the potty.  I wasn't prepared and didn't have any underwear for her so she wore her brothers folded at the waist for the morning before we could get to Target and buy her some of her own.  My son refuses to sleep in anything but official pajamas or his underwear.  I refuse to buy special summer pajamans because he has a dresser full of cotton t-shirts and shorts.  We also call it "crazy pajama day"... every single night.... 

My kids love to play inside the van, they crawl into every seat and my daughter will buckle their carseat seatbelts.  I let them because its 10 minutes of peace and sanity.  I've also been on a reflection kick with my photos, its really fun to play around with. 

Getting ready to head to Target, I spied this guy taking a photo of me.  I love how they hold their camera to their face when they take photo.

Target was exhausting, but a success!  

While she napped we talked monster trucks for a 20 minutes.  We compared and contrasted all his monster trucks, talked about their bodies, frames, wheels, engines, paint jobs, you name it. We put them in the box over and over and took turns pretending UPS left the package for us... over and over.  He could do this all day, my limit is about 15-20 minutes before I think of some chore I "need" to do (please tell me I'm not the only one)

20150811-5P4A8851bike riding.jpg

I love seeing them play together.... 

But don't touch the monster trucks. 

Ready for our evening family walk.  This is what it really looks like when you let kids dress themselves.  

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