Kiddie Park on Film - Fuji400H

We LOVE LOVE LOVE Kiddie Park.  My mom went when she was a little kid, I went when I was a little kid, and now I'm taking my kids.  And it is SO.MUCH.FUN.  My kids don't know how to walk here - they jump/skip/hop from ride to ride.  Their excitement here is awesome and contagious.  In another year or so my son will be too tall for the rides here, so we are going to spend lots of time here this summer.  Since I declared this my summer of film, here is Kiddie Park on film!  Still trying to figure out backlighting on film, hopefully by the end of the summer I will get there. 

Fuji 400H - June 2016

Last week I got 3 rolls of Fuji400H +1 back.  I was not immediately blown away with these like I was my previous rolls of film, and I realized it was two things I did wrong.  First, I used expired film but did not compensate for that in my exposure settings.  Second, I didn't tell the lab to scan for highlights for that punch that I like in my photos.  Both these things were fixed with a few minutes of lightroom editing (a few minutes of editing for all three rolls - so no big deal).  But my goal is to consistently do no editing on my images.   

Anyways - here is a long post - three rolls of film! But I will be selective on choosing my favorites!

Fuji 400H - May 2016

I'm diving into film and I am so excited! 

Earlier today I started questioning why I was starting to get into film with the extra costs of buying and developing film - and then I got my first scans back.  I'm hooked people!

These were shot on a Canon EOS3 with Sigma Art 24mm and 35mm lenses.  The film is Fuji 400h, rated at 200 and pushed one stop in development.  Developed by FIND lab.