At-Home with the S Family | Cleveland, Ohio Family Lifestyle Photographer

“I love you”

“I love you so much”

“I love you”

and repeat.

This family just amazed me. As a lifestyle photographer I get the awesome opportunity to step into people’s spaces and observe them. I have never met a family that says these words to each other more than these guys - and more than just saying it, but with eyes locked and with immense sincerity. They have created such a loving home - and it radiates from their daughter and how caring and gentle she is with her new little sister. My heart melted several times watching the two girls together. Here’s a little peak at the S Family. The last two photos of this post will definitely make your heart melt a little bit!

At Home with the Taylor's | Lakewood, Ohio Newborn and Family Photographer

There's nothing quite like word of mouth to find awesome clients.  So when dad contacted me after seeing and liking photos I did for a mutual friend of ours I was really excited.  Then when I arrived at their home we realized that we all played indoor soccer together several years ago (before we all had babies) - too funny!

I love documenting families and this family was no exception.  After doing these in-home sessions for a few years I've come to realize that while every family is different and unique, at the heart of it all we are all the same.  Photographing these guys was sort of like a little trip down memory lane for me - what my own home life was like just over 2 years ago.  All the similarities in balancing a newborn with a toddler.  It was a lot of fun for me.  Thank you so much Taylor family! Congrats on the new addition!!

For those interested, I shot this entire session with my 24mm lens and edited with Kate Densmore's Salt and Pine presets.  

And Now There are Five | Cleveland, Ohio Newborn and Family Photographer

I just love photographing this family - I think this makes the fourth time!  Mom herself is a talented photographer (Photography By Brea) and she has been such a source of support/advice for me - especially on the business aspects of running a photography business.  She is hands down the savviest businesswoman I know. 

Since I've photographed them several times, and Brea and I have become friends through it all, we feel very comfortable at our sessions.  I no longer ask if its ok to stand on the bed or get in super close with my 24mm, I just do it.  Brea wasn't worried about corrdinating outfits and having everything perfectly in its place, she trusts the process and goes with the flow.  And because of all this I think we are able to get some really awesome and real photos.  

We were laughing because baby A doesn't have a room/nursery set up and comparing that to how things were for kid #1 and #2.  Being a super busy photographer and mom of two will do that to you - but after you've done this whole baby thing a few times you realize what a newborn baby really needs and choose whats worth focusing your energy on.  And to any of you reading this who might be on the fence about having photos done but question whether your house/kids rooms are worthy enough - I want to tell you that they are.  The room and furniture is not the focus of my sessions.  I'm looking for the love, the emotional connections and the details.  You can have no nursery or a nursery worthy of Domino, it doesn't matter.  I approach all my sessions the same and that is too capture the love in your home and the love for your babies. 

So thank you again Brea and family!  I love being a part of documenting your growing family.  

And some fun details for the other photographers - I shot the entire session with my SIgma Art 24mm lens and I edited it with Kate Densmore's Salt and Pine presets.  (without a doubt the best presets I have ever owned - most of my photos were literally one click editing)