More Than A Snapshot: capturing the daily lives of your children in a beautiful and authentic way

In this breakout Maria Manco shares her approach to photographing her own children in and around their home in an honest and authentic way. She will walk you through her thought process and share how she uses light, composition and the decisive moment to best capture her family. Maria is an open book, sharing what she has learned so far in her journey.



• how to expose for light
• how to shoot indoors with hard light, soft light, backlight and artificial light
• how to choose the right moment to capture, when to sit back and observe and when to jump in and be more involved
• how to use different perspectives and compositions to best tell the story
• how to keep things fresh when shooting in your home every day



119 page PDF

Bonus PDF on making money with clients and stock

45 min of shooting, culling, and editing videos including a video tour of Maria’s home as she follows the light throughout the day

Q & A video